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It contains a misleading impression, not a lie. It was being economical with the truth.”

Robert Armstrong

‘Russians spread fake news over Oxford virus vaccine’ was The Times front page headline last Friday. It is indeed fake news, intended to undermine confidence in the Astra Zeneca roll-out which is so vital to restoring our economic – and physical - health.

The Russians are, of course, not alone in manufacturing fake news. The BBC is running a whole series, ‘The Trump Show’, in the run-up to the US presidential election, detailing multiple fake news events over the past four years. The latest example is the grotesque contrast between Mr Trump’s claims for his own near-immortality and the tragic death toll in the United States, now nearly a quarter of a million people.

So please READ ON .. as this week we look at the international statistics for Covid-19, and consider the balance of honesty and incompetence in their reporting.


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In a new partnership with publishers Harriman House, Share Radio has produced its first audiobook 'Superinvestors', written by Matthew Partridge and read by some of Share Radio's best known presenters: Simon Rose, Fenella Fudge, Glen Thompsett, Ed Bowsher and accomplished actor David Ricardo Pearce, whose ancestor is featured in the book.

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The Bigger Picture: Regional Covid tiering, EU Brexit talks & the American election

Political commentator Mike Indian discusses the Government's move to regional's tiering for its Covid-19 response, with Liverpool moving to the most severe restrictions. With opposition mounting from the other side of the house and from the Conservatives' own back benches, he wonders how successful the new system will be. He assesses the preparedness of the UK for the impending departure from the EU. And he looks across the Atlantic at the jockeying ahead of next month's American Presidential election.

Economist Questions: Work in the time of Coronavirus - Opportunities for Trade Unions in a post-COVID world?

The pandemic has necessitated a partnership approach across UK government, business and unions. This has drawn unions into the process of policy formulation, shining a new spotlight on their activities. Peter Urwin is joined by Professor of HRM and Employment Relations at Sheffield University Management School, Richard Saundry, who draws on a wealth of experience (including his first job in 1988 at NUM headquarters in Sheffield, and a career working with government, unions and employers) to discuss the role of unions in the past, present and future. Peter and Richard discuss how unions have done so far, and question whether any benefits to the union movement will persist beyond the pandemic – or whether it will simply return to an “us and them” scenario. Can unions build on this apparent volte-face, to reverse a decline in influence on the employment relationship?

The Business of Film: Saint Maud, Pinocchio & Yield to the Night

James Cameron-Wilson looks at the effect on the UK box office of Cineworld shutting its doors, with Tenet's take down 53%. He reviews the new #2 film, Saint Maud as well as the Italian 2020 success Pinocchio, though lamenting the fact that it was dubbed rather than subtitled. For home viewing, he recommends the restored version of the 1956 British Cannes entry, Yield to the Night, starring Diana Dors and Yvonne Mitchell.

Motley Fool Money: Apple, Amazon, and Common Sense Technology

Want to keep up with the latest earnings updates from the States? Well join Chris Hill and the Motley Fool Radio Show team here on Share Radio, direct from Washington DC, for news, views and analysis of the US stocks that matter. In this week's show: Apple unveils its new iPhones; Fastly falls on TikTok concerns; United Airlines CEO predicts flying won’t return to normal until 2024; Amazon reports that third-party sellers brought in $3.5 billion on Prime Day; Intuitive Surgical deals with headwinds from the pandemic; Johnson & Johnson pauses its COVID vaccine trial; Disney restructures its business around streaming; Coca-Cola pulls the plug on Tab; And Edge Innovations makes robot dolphins a reality. Motley Fool analysts Ron Gross and Jason Moser discuss those stories and share two stocks on their radar: Visteon and Bed Bath & Beyond. Plus, Common Sense Media Founder Jim Steyer talks social media and the shifting technology landscape.

Gadgets & Gizmos: Government advice to become actors, pilots & cinema projectionists

Steve Caplin admire the technology in the new iPhone 12 series but finds himself baffled by a government careers quiz that suggests he become an actor, while others are recommended becoming pilots or cinema projectionists. He also discusses a hackable "smart" chastity device, a tech version of the ever-helpful Lassie, AR goggles for dogs, new Marshall headphones and a crowd-funded smart acoustic guitar.

The Week That Was And The Week Ahead: Bunzl, Dunelm and Pearson

Graham Spooner, Investment Research Analyst at The Share Centre, looks at recent news from Bunzl, Dunelm and Pearson and explains how the pandemic has been affecting their business. With uncertainty stalking the market as Covid's impact is on the rise again, he explains what we might expect when we hear soon from Barclays, RELX, Reckitt and International Continental Hotels.


Modern Mindset: How to survive and thrive in business

Modern Mindset: How to survive and thrive in business

Adam Cox is joined by business strategist and growth mentor, Gavin Preston. Gavin recently published his book, Survive and Thrive, and shares pragmatic tips on how to thrive in the economic storm that is approaching using his unique “strategy compass” model.

This is Money: Should British investors worry about the US election?

While the world worries about coronavirus, there is another decade-defining event going on – the US election. Will Donald Trump win a second term as US President and have the world dance to his tune for four more years, or will Joe Biden take charge – and what on earth would that mean for people? There is less than a month to go until the US election and under normal circumstances you would expect all the focus of stock market commentators to be on that. It’s not normal circumstances though. The second wave of coronavirus and renewed lockdowns have the world’s attention and the election, if not a sideshow, is definitely not as centre stage as we would usually expect. So, does that mean it doesn’t matter for investors, or should be thinking about it and positioning themselves for the outcome? Does it even matter if Trump or Biden wins, as long as the Fed keeps printing and stimulus keeps coming, and would any decisive win be better than a disputed result? On this week’s podcast, Simon Lambert, Georgie Frost and Sarah Davidson, discuss the US election and what it could mean for our money over here in the UK. And if two septuagenarians arguing about who is going to be the boss of the free world isn’t your thing, what about investing in the future beyond that? Keeping on the investment tip, the team dive into the world of green money and how to invest to back improving the world, or even get a green mortgage or current account.

Mini Mindset: Coronavirus and the rise of the campervan

Adam Cox is joined by Ed Bassett from Camptoo, to discuss the rise of the campervan “staycation” in the face of COVID-19, and how owners of campervans and motorhomes are finding ways to monetise their assets which usually sit unused for most of the year. Ed explains how this model – similar to AirBnB – is giving people an income from their holiday vehicles, and providing people with a different kind of holiday without them having to buy their own motorhomes.


The Hypnotist: Hypnosis to Train Your Dragon

 The Hypnotist: Hypnosis to Train Your Dragon

Adam creates a hypnosis session inspired by the movie How to Train Your Dragon. In the guided hypnosis you visit a Viking town called Berk that is plagued by dragons. The dragons are a metaphor for fears, challenges, problems and limiting beliefs. This hypnosis enables adults and children to change their relationship with their fears by training them in the same way Hiccup trains Toothless. A great hypnosis session for children and adults that love the movie.

Motley Fool Answers: 7 Ways to Make the Most of Your 401k

Motley Fool Answers: 7 Ways to Make the Most of Your 401k

Saving, spending, planning — you've got money questions and we've got answers. Every week host Alison Southwick and personal finance expert Robert Brokamp challenge the conventional wisdom on life's biggest financial issues to reveal what you really need to know to make smart money moves. In this week's show, the team explains to us how to maximize the returns from your 401k as well as evaluate your options and lobby for a better plan at your workplace.

Mini Mindset: Saving the High Street

Adam Cox talks to retail property management expert, Paul Clifford, from Flourish – who explains the current high street slump and the potential impact of the COVID lockdown on retailers. Paul shares some tips for retail entrepreneurs and predicts the upcoming trends that could make their mark on the British high street.

VIDEO: Tracking down £1bn of missing Child Trust Fund cash

Every child in the UK born between 1 Sept 2002 and 2 Jan 2011 has a Child Trust Fund (CTF). But one child in six has lost contact with the money. Gavin Oldham, Chairman of The Share Foundation – which runs the Junior ISA & Child Trust Fund schemes for children in care for the Department for Education - is trying to re-connect them. He talks through the CTF, how to track an account down, and what a child can and can’t do with the money.


In a new partnership with publishers Harriman House, Share Radio has produced its first audiobook 'Superinvestors', written by Matthew Partridge and read by some of Share Radio's best known presenters. 'Superinvestors' lays bare the investing secrets of legendary investors - from early 20th-century figures such as Benjamin Graham and John Maynard Keynes, through to more modern names such as Anthony Bolton and Warren Buffett.

The Share Foundation

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